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“We allow you to do what you do best… the science”

Scientific Consulting Services

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Scientific Advice

Do you need scientific advice?
Ask our professionals! We provide independent and impartial scientific advice, review data and provide practical solutions.

Quality Assurance

Need help becoming UKAS accredited?
We understand Good Laboratory Practice, ISO 15189 and ISO 17025 standards and can help you achieve clinical excellence.

On-site Training

Wanting to learn a new technique?
We deliver training courses to students on a range of assays (such as PCR, ELISA, Cell Culture) covering theory as well as the practical elements.

Lab set-up

Looking to set up a new lab?
With our wealth of expertise setting up COVID-19 testing labs, we can help design and plan your laboratory and your assay workflows to reflect your requirements.

Assay Validation

Looking to set up a new assay?
With our expertise and knowledge, we provide clear and concise experimental validation plans, review data and get your assay operational.

Automation Guidance

Considering lab automation?
We can observe and review your manual workflows and work with you to design the automation that meets your requirements.