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Annabel Curle PhD Student University of Cambridge

“Saba was a great role model, mentor and colleague in the lab. She has a wealth of knowledge and was always happy to help!”

Jacopo Zasso Senior Technician, Human Technopole, Milan, Italy

I had the opportunity to work with Saba during the design of our automation platform for reprogramming, culturing, and differentiating human pluripotent stem cells. She has been essential as a liaison between us-scientists at the Automated Stem Cell and Organoid Facility (ASCOF) and the engineers assembling the platform. She has been able to understand our needs and to strategically contribute to the project, proposing implementation and solutions that would not have been possible otherwise. Saba is a great scientist and an effective communicator.

Jennifer Dillon Biotech company Head of Research

I completed my PhD at the University of Manchester in the lab Saba was working in as a technician in charge of commercial antibody and ELISA plate production. She has since provided advise on how to approach automating lab procedures and I hope to work with her in the future in this capacity. Saba has excellent integrity and is extremely thorough in her scientific approach. She is highly competent and experienced in optimising approaches to scientific problems and trouble-shooting areas in need of improvement. She is well organised and understands the necessity of controlling fine details of scientific procedures whilst keeping the bigger picture in mind. I would highly recommend Saba, not only as a rigorous, trustworthy scientist, but as someone who is a pleasure to work with.

Nebiyu Kibru Laboratory Manger, University of Oxford

Saba was extremely helpful and provided a thorough review of our workflows. She went over and beyond in lending her expertise in lab automation to our project. She took time and care to understand our workflows and came up with practical solutions to tightened our quality control processes. Saba is extremely knowledgeable, meticulous and a joy to work with.

Maria Salomon Estebanez Consultant Paediatric Endocrinologist Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

I met Saba whilst I was doing my MPhil research in Professor Mark Dunne's lab in 2015. She was working as a technician as well as completing her MPhil degree. Saba was very knowledgeable and supportive and offered me immense help and advice around the lab. She was greatly appreciated by colleagues not only from Mark's group, but from other groups as well. Saba is extremely reliable, organised and hardworking and would be a great asset to any team. She is precise and meticulous with her work and has a very nice personality, which makes it very easy and enjoyable to work with her. Her communication and networking skills are notorious and she will integrate easily in new environments.

Stefano Grosso Postdoc, Human Technopole, Milan, Italy

I worked with Saba in my past experience and I highly recommend her as a very knowledgeable scientist. She gave a fundamental contribution in setting up the automation process of the lab, in the training of the staff and in the quality assurance.

Amanda Ridley Research Assistant  University of Manchester

I first met Saba during my PhD when she joined our lab (MacDonald) at the University of Manchester as the lab manager. Saba was extremely professional and hard working from day one and was always organised which enabled her to successfully complete multiple different assays and tasks daily. Saba was very versatile and possessed a broad knowledge and understanding of all the lab projects. Most importantly Saba had a very positive and enthusiastic attitude towards her work and was very easy to work with. Saba would always offer help and advice whenever needed and was always approachable and friendly. I have no hesitation in recommending Saba as a scientific consultant as she will most definitely dedicate herself to and fulfil all her customers needs. I think any customer who should choose to use Saba’s scientific expertise will have a very fruitful relationship with her.

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