Lab Consultancy Group

Bridging the Gap

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on education, particularly in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Here are some of the challenges faced with STEM education after the pandemic and how the UK can recover from the education gap to become the next Science Superpower:

  • Lack of hands-on learning: With remote learning, students have missed out on hands-on laboratory experiences, which are essential to learning STEM subjects. This has resulted in a significant gap in their understanding of scientific concepts and skills.
  • Reduced opportunities for collaboration: Remote learning has also reduced opportunities for collaboration among students and teachers, which are essential for effective learning.
  • Digital divide: The pandemic has highlighted the digital divide between students with access to technology and those without. This has created disparities in access to STEM education and resources, which need to be addressed.
  • Teacher training: STEM teachers need additional training to adapt to the new modes of teaching, incorporating technology, and ensuring that students receive quality STEM education.

To recover from the education gap and become the next Science Superpower, the Tiger Team Lab Consultancy Group propose the following steps:

  • Provide Hands-on Training : providing hands-on laboratory, fully immersive training courses, and resources to schools and universities to improve understanding of fundamental scientific techniques.
  • Foster collaboration: We encourage collaboration between industry, academia, and government, promoting innovation and research in STEM fields.
  • Address the digital divide::Ensure all students have access to technology and the internet.
  • Increase focus on diversity: Increasing diversity in STEM fields, encouraging underrepresented groups to pursue careers in science and technology.